What media do you work with?

I work with acrylics, ink, watercolour and occassionally, oil.

But most of my works are mixed media - most commonly a combination of acrylics or watercolour with ink.

What materials do you paint on?

Acrylics or mixed media go on either paper, canvas or MDF/Ply boards.

Watercolours go on paper only.

My canvases are either linen or cotton and always archival and acid-free.

In case of paper, I prefer working with Fabriano or Arches, 100% cotton, acid-free, cold-pressed 200-300 gsm stock.

Ply or MDF (medium-density fiber) boards are always treated, gessoed and the edges are sand-papered before the painting work starts.

What do you finish your work with?

All paintings on canvas are finished with UV resistant gloss varnish.

All painting on paper are finished with water-resistant gloss varnish. Works on paper are not UV resistant, so they need to be framed with a glass cover.

Selected works that I sell directly from my studio are sometimes mounted on boards and finished with clear, UV resistant, epoxy resin.

I like a piece of yours I saw on Instagram/website that I want to buy. How do I go about it?

There are two ways. You can either send me a Direct Message on my Insta account @amman.c, with the name of the painting.

Or if you’re ordering from the website, then just click on the “ORDER NOW” link and you’ll be able to send me an email with a preset subject line that tells me which piece you’re interested in.

In the body of the email you can mention your shipping address and any queries about the painting or my process, that you may have.

And how do I order prints?

I have a separate page where all available Prints are displayed.

Can I order a custom piece?

Absolutely. if you have a specific theme and size in mind, for a personal project, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you via email.

Do the prices, mentioned underneath the paintings, include shipping charges?

They do not. Shipping is extra. Many of my clients are located across the world. Hence, it is impossible to assign standard shipping charges to paintings.

Will my painting or print come framed?

No. I don’t frame paintings or prints, unless they are bought and picked up from my studio locally.

Since my work is shipped worldwide, it can becomed very cumbersome and expensive to ship a painting in a rigid frame. And most of the time, clients want the frames to match or compliment their decor or the space the painting will occupy. In that case, they always prefer to choose the frame themselves.

How do you pack your work then?

Stretched canvas is always unstretched/dismunted from its frame and rolled up, wrapped in acid-free, clear wrap and packed in tube holders.

Canvas boards are wrapped in bubble-wrap and packed safely in flat cardboard boxes with acid-free lining.

Works on paper that are either A3 or less than A3 in size are packed flat, wrapped in bubble-wrap and flat carboard box.

Works on paper larger than A3 are rolled, wrapped in acid-free cover and packed into tube holders.

How do I pay you?

I accept payments via PayPal. And no, you don’t actually have to have an account with PayPal to make a transaction. You can just use your Credit or Debit Card.

Are your works signed by you?

Yes. All my paintings have my sign on them. They are also signed and numbered on the back. Each original painting comes with a Certificate of Authentication and the Artist’s Statement.

Prints are signed and numbered, but do not carry Certificate of Authentication.

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